Dana Fox Creative is a collection of projects and products crafted by Dana Fox and her team of professionals.

With an extensive history of web development and successful business ventures, Dana created a brand and blog by the name of Wonder Forest in 2011. Since then, her internet presence has expanded, allowing for the creation of various other products and the ability to bring her ideas to life.

Wonder Forest is a place of creativity and life. It is where ideas are born and shared, and where a community has grown. With its own collection of products including mobile cases, plush critters, stationery, artwork, and other whimsically designed and decorated creations, the Wonder Forest brand boasts happiness and colour.

Envye is a blog template shop where Blogger and Wordpress users can instantly download premium themes designed by Fox. It emerged after receiving numerous requests on the Wonder Forest blog for Dana's design services. With all content hand-crafted in Fox's signature style, Envye has quickly become known as one of the top shops for totally unique blog themes.

After seeing success with both Wonder Forest and Envye, the desire to keep creating easily accessible content continued to grow. Web tools, video channels, and apps were developed and Dana Fox Creative as a whole came to be.

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